Saturday, 31 October 2015

Gaming Lag, A Thousand Horses and Nurses!!!

Hello interweb, well it’s 11.37 A.M. and I have already been to the gym and the supermarket and despite consuming a bottle of red last night feel surprisingly sprightly.
Speaking of wine I have after 8 years of online gaming finalised the results of my extensive research which I will now share with you.
There is a direct correlation between the amount of red wine I consume and the amount of lag I experience. Up to 2 glasses I seem to relax and do fine but after 1 bottle things start to head South, after 2 bottles that lag becomes horrendous. Even the Netduma R1 cannot help.
I have also noticed recently that on Advanced Warfare the lobbies are full of people not bothering with the objective and just camping their asses off with noob toobs and rocket launchers.
Far be it for me to tell anybody how to play a game that they have paid for but I am also in my rights to think that you are a complete c~~~ for doing so.

These people are also the first to complain, send hate mail and leave the lobby when you switch to a class with noob toobs two grenades and danger close to give them a dose of their own medicine.

Any way enough of that ranting I have also happened upon a fairly new act to hit the country scene recently (well new to me) and it is in my humble opinion that this band will be filling stadiums all over the world before long.
When it comes to music I am one of those people who falls in love with the dimple and marries the whole girl downloading the entire album and only ending up liking the one track.  

Formed in 2010 Nashville, Tennessee “A Thousand Horses” are probably best described as what you would get if you dropped “The Black Crows” “Lynyrd Skynyrd” and “Garth Brooksinto the Large Hadron Collider.
Seriously it has been a long time since I have listened to an album and loved every track on it. These guys are not formed from the stuff modern acts are, no hippin and a hoppin bippin and a boppin, these guys can sing and not down their nose like an X Factor act and they can play instruments too. Throw in a few steel guitars and some soulful backing singers and you have a kick ass sound that's carved from granite and wrapped in velvet.
Turn it up to 11 and break off the knob!

In other news a friend sent me the following pic which as I am married to a nurse was pretty spot on actually and it did make me lol,
Working overnights will do that to you but I can't help thinking that there is nowhere near enough drool in the pic.
Well it has been almost a week now since it "Appears" that Glen from the Walking Dead had his guts ripped out by a hoard of Zombies, a fan favourite Glen has been in the series since the first episode (well his voice calling Rick a "dumb ass") and many followers of the show have been shocked at his demise but there are many aspects of the show and all over the internet that suggest he may not have met his demise just yet.
Well I just have to get The Mexican F1 race and a few games of Advanced Warfare out of the way before I can find out Monday evening 1 day after the USA get to find out.
I will be avoiding social media till I have seen the show to stop some ass hat spoiling it for me, oh and also because I am not that social actually.

And so interweb I will leave you with this, "Whatever you may be sure of, be sure of this, that you are dreadfully like other people." and  "The fact that a great many people believe something is no guarantee of its truth."


Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Power, responsibilty and light switches!!!

Hello interweb, wow, twice within 7 days. I must be bored or feeling like ranting. I am currently unsure which but I do have a few thoughts to share with you.
I saw a post on youtube yesterday relating to a retweet of a video that Drift0r the well known gamer has uploaded.
Now I am a follower of drift0r and have a lot of respect for him and enjoy many of his video’s.
 He puts them out there with good commentary and a lot (and I do mean a lot) of young people follow him as well as old duffers like myself.
It is with this in mind that after watching his video about global warming whilst playing Advanced Warfare I cannot help but think he may not realise the power he has, and with power comes responsibility.
The video can be seen here, (I hope he doesn’t mind me linking to it.)
Global Warming (Advanced Warfare Gameplay Commentary)
He puts forth some good detailed information but does (like many others) seem to come down on the “catastrophic man made global warming” side of the issue and as such I feel many other people without doing any research may also jump to this conclusion.
You see I have done a lot of research into this subject and have blogged about it before. Travelled the world to exotic places on consecutive years etc doing a small amount of research myself.
In the global climate debate it appears one side is just as biased as the other. When human beings become polarized in their beliefs, they search for evidence to defend their positions rather than searching for the truth with an open mind.
 When political agendas drive funding, right or wrong, the popular view prevails.That's just human nature.
You see the problem is this, (in my eyes) There is scientific research that has been compiled by the IPCC that categorically states that global warming is a man made phenomena and puts forward such a compelling argument that it has become the popular view and you must be some kind of muppet to think otherwise.
Remember it was once a popular view that the Earth was flat!!
That may well be so and people recycle, sell their suv for a smart car get solar panels and a wind turbine but still hypocritically in my view, take the foreign holiday on a jet plane.
However, on the other side of the coin is strong scientific proof and research that gives us the opposite information.
You see it is a little broadcasted point that when temperatures rise, CO2 increases, not the other way around.
So is global warming a man made phenomenon or part of earth’s natural cycle? Does it really matter? It doesn't matter which side wins the argument over fact or made up statistics or IPCC funded research because nothing will change.
We will still wage wars in fossil fuel rich countries killing innocent men women and children, we will still pollute our lakes, streams and rivers,
As human beings we have the ability to learn from our mistakes and yet it astounds me by our apparent disinclination to do so. And as drift0r points out in his video, We aint about to give up our air con etc.
I remember reading an article on Ice melt in Antarctica a couple of years ago,
It contained the following ““Most of the world's ice is in Antarctica. The continent is covered by an ice shelf 2,133 meters (7,000 feet) thick. If the entire ice pack melted, the world's oceans would rise by 61 meters (200 feet). But since the average temperature in Antarctica is -37°C (-35°F), this is very unlikely to happen. More likely is that only a portion of the ice melts, increasing sea levels by a few feet or meters.”
So, at minus 37°C ice melts a bit? Since when? It didn’t when I was at school and I am sure things have not changed that much.
If at minus 37 degrees Celsius there is actual proof of “a bit” of ice melting I for one would really like to know for sure what the hell is causing it.
Radiation from outer space, penguins lighting their farts for amusement not knowing the damage they are causing to their own habitat.
Maybe the Bavarian Illuminati are behind the whole thing, it wouldn’t surprise me to be honest, they're behind most conspiracies where there is a few bucks to be made.
Anyway, please feel free to do any experiments you feel you need too to show me how to melt ice at minus 35 degress Celsius, but only “a bit”
WOW, talk about rant. Lol But on a more serious note I really do wish that people would just pull together and pool their funding to find out the real reasons the earth is warming instead of just spouting out stuff and making climate models fit the results they want to keep the funding.
I am sure that some of the science is correct but I am also sure there is a lot of bollocks talked about this subject. Just read the above, I am full of it but hopefully I may have made at least one person pause for thought.
Oh and drift0r if your reading this “Keep up the good work man” I do truly like your video’s.
Well I think that is more than enough ammunition for my haters to attack me with, but I have just thought of one solution to the whole global warming problem.
Teach children from very early on that light switches work in both directions!!
And so interweb I will leave you with these thoughts, “The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it and remember this, The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Sports, Holidays and top tip!!!!!

Hello interweb, well what a Sports packed weekend that was between shifts.
The MOTO GP race was filled with controversy after a clash between Rossi and Marquez, After weeks of Marquez been a thorn in his side Rossi had finally had enough and after at least one warning from Rossi Marquez continued to push the 9 times world champions patience till it snapped.
In an unprecedented move and very unprofessional and un Rossi like Rossi pushed him off line and hung him out to dry, Marquez continued to lean against Rossi and as Rossi moved out his knee to stand the Spaniard up he caught his brake lever causing Marquez to crash.
Many people say that the penalty given to Rossi was not harsh enough but it has effectively cost him his 10th world title by making him start from the back of the grid at the next race.
Rossi indicated that Marquez had won, he had got his wish by interfering in his racing for the world title with Lorenzo, (also funnily enough a Spaniard)
Personally If I had been Rossi I would not have just run him out wide Id have stopped after he fell off, gone back and given him a reet good kicking as well.
The F1 race from Texas was also a belting race with at least 4 drivers possible winners as the race progressed but it was reigning World Champion Lewis (cry baby when shit doesn't go his way) Hamilton who took the spoils in that race and a 3rd World Championship title along with it.
Again in my book another contender for a serious slap the spoiled little shit.
And onto the Rugby World Cup semi final games. Both cracking games and edge of the seat stuff right up to the final minutes but as expected it will be a New Zealand v Australia final. Come on the All Blacks. (that's what she said, keep it clean boys and girls)

Well that's enough about sport for a while, the weather has been hit and miss of late but I did manage to get out into the Peak last week and get a few shots in the best of which is probably this one.
I was looking for autumn late sunlight on the many coloured leaves of the trees but neither the colours nor the light was working for me so ended up getting this up at the top of Snake Pass A57.

In other news my little Rottweiler has decided on where we are to go on our next holiday (vacation for friends over the pond) and so it is early next year that we will be climbing aboard one of Richard Branson's finest and flying to Barbados to then get a connecting flight on to Saint Vincent in the Grenadines.
It is where quite a few scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed and the abandoned film set is just a few miles up the road from where we will be staying in a rather nice looking private villa with 40" TV wifi and all the mod cons.
Personally I think I will spend my days laid out in the sun soaking up the heat or snorklling with the fishes.

On the gaming front things are still looking good and I await the drop of Black Ops 3 with a bit more enthusiasm than I had after the beta.
After Sgt Greco from the Netduma R1 Forums posted about connecting a PS4 controller for use on PS3 via bluetooth I had a few games of blops2 and it played way better than it did during its actual run time.
Really handy tip from Sgt Greco though as I can now use my scuf on PS3 games as well. (without the charging cable)
Basically Under "Accessory Settings" on your PS3, locate and select "Manage Bluetooth devices". Select "Register New Device." The PS3 will begin Bluetooth scanning. Simultaneously press and hold the DualShock 4's "Share" and "PS" buttons until the controller light bar starts blinking. The controller should then appear in the PS3's list as a "Wireless Controller." Then reassign DS3's number to 2. Now DS4 is your #1 controller.
Playing TDM and looking at mini map could not see any team mates, checked lobby and they had all left bar me, I like a challenge and stayed to the end going 19-kills 17 deaths and only losing the match by about 15 points. Hit detection bang on the money. It was never like this for me so I have no idea why its working so well now.
Maybe it's the introduction of my trusty R1  to the mix, it certainly makes gaming fun again that's for sure.
Anyway interwebs I have rambled enough for one day so I will leave you with these thoughts,
The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously, and At least two-thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity: idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religous or political ideas.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

GOD, Stamps and bufferbloat!!!

Hello interweb, It has been a few days since we have interacted other than in a gaming context so let me share with you my latest insights to life as a meat bag.
I was rudely awakened yesterday morning by a loud knocking at the front door. The curtains upstairs and downstairs were firmly closed as a clue to what state the residents of our home were currently in and so I thought it must be a parcel delivery of some sort and as such dragged my fat ass out of bed and went to answer the door.
What the people at the door were thinking when they decided to hammer me out of bed I am not sure but given the clues you can bet I wasn't in the mood for a conversation about God.
Serves me right I guess for posting the following quote on the netduma forum the other day,
"I find the whole business of religion profoundly interesting. But it does mystify me that otherwise intelligent people take it seriously."
I guess that will teach me to be a smart arse.
My set of Star Wars Stamps first day cover issue arrived later in the day as well, actually 2 sets as I posted a set to a fellow nerd in the USA who I game with on a regular basis.

 They are pretty cool and will look even better once I have framed them and put them up on the wall in mission control.
In other news I have been looking into a thing called bufferbloat after reading an article in the Netduma R1 forums.
I am not a believer in throttling your connections to such a low level you just get the required amount of speed to game and have yet to see any conclusive proof that this works but I am aware that using the Netduma R1's Congestion Control settings you can get an optimum QOS setting for your connection.
Zennon from the forum has run tests and his comes back to a Congestion Control setting of 70% to give grade A for bufferbloat whilst mine comes in at 50% of my total bandwidth. With 28% of my connection reserved for my PS4 this gives me around 9MB download speed and 2.5 upload.
Just out of interest I lowered my settings to that which some people feel you need to do to avoid "lag compensation" etc etc and I got a reading of "D". Not very good really so I still do not buy into this whole throttle your connection to death to get a good consistent gaming experience.
All these tests were done at in the UK but I am sure there other similar testing sites in different countries.
In other news my Scuf controller is still going strong with no signs of breaking yet.
AW still has very inconsistent connections but for the most part using the R1 the game is still playable despite the low player base.
Well not long now till Black Ops 3 drops and I have the weekend free to get stuck into it proper as it is a Friday release this year instead of the usual Tuesday and rumour has it that connections will be ping based and that if you leave a game then try to connect to another one the game will be a lot less likely to throw you straight back into the same game where you are on the losing side with the enemy having all their score streaks up and the loss is inevitable.
I personally think that they should just limit the damn score streaks to 3, 5 and 7 like early games and concentrate more on gun on gun battles instead encouraging people to camp their lilly asses off for that game ending score streak.
Any way interweb enough of my ramblings for today, I will leave you with this thought though,
"Before you contradict an old man, my fair friend, you should endeavour to understand him." and "Many a man who falls in love with a dimple makes the mistake of marrying the whole girl."
Peace out Yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

Thursday, 15 October 2015

The past wasnt so bad, Im old and ...............

Well hello interweb, 
I find it strange that I am interacting with you again after saying goodbye in February 2011. I initially used you to help me give up smoking which worked very well and yet I am still here posting all over your ones and zero’s.
I have posted a few posts since then but not too many however now I have retired at the ripe old age of 46 I guess you are gonna have to suffer my ramblings a little more. Tough shit baby.
This evening I have currently been listening to a mixture of music from Led Zeppelin, Yes, Rainbow, Rush et al and it has transported me back to my youth.
Sat in bedroom with a kaftan hippy skirt wearing petulia oil scented young hippy girl with a 2 pence piece balanced on the stylus as we smoke copious amounts of weed and drink cider.
I honestly think that I had reached the age of about 19 before I realised that a girls breath doesn’t actually smell of sweet cider.
Fucking amazing times without a care in the world although I do have to admit that I never really cared for the whole CND anti Conservative anti war shit and just went along with it to make sure that I got laid.
It was a much easier time to live I believe. Many people seem to think that today’s world is much better but I beg to differ.
I was never so tied to my mobile phone that I nearly got run over as I nearly did to some stupid student today, in fact make that two of the little bastards
One was on a skateboard thinking that the Grand Cherokee would come off worse when I hit him.
 I’m sure average IQ has dropped over the years but I digress.
No internet no mobile phones, when I was doing stuff I was never checking my phone every 2 bloody minutes and people could not get hold of me at their whim so to speak.
Not that they can now I just ignore them or plead ignorance of the technology.
Speaking of which I registered my cards on my phone for Apple Pay thinking that I would never ever use it. I mean why would I.
Right up till I got to the check out at the CO/OP tonight with my bottle of wine and I had forgotten my wallet.
A quick flash of the phone and a fingerprint scan all sorted. HAHAHALOL I used Apple Pay.
I mean to be honest all the crap that is going on in the world, Wars, Crime, Technological breakthroughs etc,
Ive been through it all before and it’s getting pretty boring to be honest and I feel myself regressing.
And it’s great. Actually it’s fucking great. I’m now pretty much retired at 46 and taking my photography back as a hobby instead of  a way to earn a living and that is also great.
I feel that I am finally leaving the rat race and despite now owning more tech than I did last year I do feel that it reasonable tech and justified.
Man I just feel like rolling a joint to be honest, lol
Led Zeppelin Ramble on just come on. Lol
Some things do still annoy the living fuck out of me, I saw an advert for the new series of the apprentice today.
Oh dear you affected little fucks. Just piss off please.
“I just feel I need to be the biggest thing most important productive person that I can be”
Fuck off you twat just because daddy didn’t give you enough attention you feel the need to afflict the rest of us with your fucking neurosis? Really.
Others sit there and give it the whole, it’s because I is black innit, or white, or yellow, or any goddamn shade.
Honestly the majority of people in Britain today do not give a flying fuck what race or religion you are till you start blowing stuff up.
Then you become an annoyance. That is all, just an annoyance really so stop it.
 Here is the update on that you self centred retard.
If we were to wake up some morning and find that everyone was the same race, creed and colour, we would find some other cause for prejudice by lunchtime.
You are doing this because you are so full of your own self importance and think that everybody else actually gives a shit.
It’s reality TV.
Have your 15 minutes then please just fuck off because nobody cares past the tea and digestive break.
Well I think I’m going to buy some incense get some 2 pence pieces ready and drag out the Vinyl records guys n girls.
So let me leave you with this, Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art