Sunday, 14 October 2012

Doctors, Television and biting people!!!

Good afternoon interweb, and a very sunny but chilly autumnal day it is too.
I’m afraid old friend that over the coming months we may well have to become re acquainted.
 You see as I’m sure you are aware I have a herniated disk in my spine. My will to carry on regardless in the best of British way has not served me well I’m afraid,
 You see the doctors and physio’s thought it was not too bad as I was continuing going to work and generally just getting on with things whilst drinking a minimum of 3 large glasses of wine a day for pain relief.
 It took 30 days for a referral request to go from NHS physio department to Claremont private hospital who managed to contact me with an appointment within 24 hours of receiving the request.
After being talked at by a neurosurgeon and having had explained to me the results of an MRI scan he wanted to know why I hadn’t been shouting about the lack of people sending me for an operation. In layman’s terms disk L5 S1 in my lower spine is fucked. It is bulging out in quite an impressive manner and pressing on the nerve causing all sorts of problems.
The neurosurgeon wanted to operate ASAP but I have had to point out that it will have to be after the 19th of this month due to a prior arrangement so it will probably be a week on Wednesday or the following Wednesday. I think neurosurgeons only work on a Wednesday.
It is for this reason I fear we may well have to re acquaint ourselves interweb as there is a two to four month recovery period.
I’m quite fortunate that Black Ops 2 will be released on the 13th November which should pass a few hours but there is only so much stuff you can blow the shit out off and children who shouldn’t even be playing the game you can shout at and say phrases ending in “your mom”.
The most annoying thing really is that after losing a stone and a half and keeping it off, 7 inches off my waist and excess fat off arms legs etc I fear it may all go back on again.
Fi is already looking for holidays and I think it will be the Maldives again early next year with Jono and Lou.
In other news it’s that very annoying time of year when Come Dancing and X factor invade our living rooms every weekend. As you can probably tell, I’m not a fan. I was subjected to the dancing one last night as Fi had the remote. OMFG. What an utter waste of my time that was. I will never get that time back and I am really quite cross about it. Really, is this what passes as entertainment in 2012? Is this what the masses want to watch? It is a very sad day if it is. There is a whole universe out there to go and have a look at and learn about and yet the masses sit glued to the TV watching a bunch of Z list celebrities attempt to dance or a bunch of people attempt to sing, most of which will have some sort of sob story or illness to try and get the sympathy vote.
I fear that it is TV shows like this that are partly to blame for the state the country is in. Kids used to want to be astronauts or accountants etc and would study hard at school. Why bother when you can go on Xfactor?
“all she ever wanted to do from when she were little was sing”
Well maybe somebody should have told her when she “was” little that she couldn’t and then we could be spared her bloody crowing on national TV, now go and get yourself spayed.
As you can see interweb my back pain has made me a trifle irritable but not long now before I can begin tonight’s pain killing regime.
And so I will leave you as is customary with some drivel. And a photograph I took a couple of nights ago of the night sky, far more interesting.
 Silent gratitude isn't very much use to anyone and if you're afraid to let someone else see your weakness, take heart: Nobody's perfect. Besides, your attempts to hide your flaws don't work as well as you think they do. And just so you know I have decided that we are not going to get a dog in the immediate future, I still have the guts to bite people myself.
Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Time, walking to the pub and Siesta!!!!

Afternoon interweb and how are we today? I’m aching but at least I have an initial appointment booked to see a neurosurgeon now at Claremont hospital.
Id like today to talk about time if I may. Time as a thing, as something that we may or may not to be able to grasp the idea of. 

You see time is relative. No not a relative but relative to the individual who is experiencing it. Time and speed and the speed of time can get really quite complicated. You see if we look at it in the bigger picture and we start walking down the street to the pub we would more or less be travelling through time at around 3 miles per hour. However if you were observed from the moon you would be travelling at around 1003 mph give or take depending on which direction you were walking in relation to the spin of the Earth.
Then again if you were observed from further out in space you would be going at a rate of around 67000 mph (the speed at which the Earth orbits the sun.).
However do we travel through time? Or with time or in time? We know that time slows down the faster we go (close to or near as the speed of light)  and we also know that time does not even exist inside a black hole.
I’m sorry interweb I’m going to have to go and have a siesta as this is all making my head hurt.
So I will leave you with some drivel, We are just as responsible for the things that we do as the things that we don’t do and some people do the wrong thing for the right reasons.
Peace out yall, THE BAGSTAXXX