Sunday, 27 February 2011

Surviving to 42!!!

Well, tomorrow I will have reached the grand old age of 42. Thats right, 42 years ago I came kicking and screaming into the world. I was late but to be honest Im sure I was just comfy where I was, all nice and warm with no scary things going on.
Incidentally 42 is also, according to the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy the answer to life the universe and everything.
I am expecting great things of tomorrow then but part of me expects nothing much to have changed. Expect the worst and occasionally you will be pleasantly surprised by it not happening.

I think back to my past and it is actually a small miracle that I have made it this far, let me explain why,
I have in no particular order suffered the following occurences, any of which could have probably killed me.
Salmanella food poisoning,
fell in a lake when I couldn't swim,
been shot, in the head..... ok it was only an air pistol but those things can be lethal.
been mugged, twice..... but refused point blank to hand anything over.
Been stabbed,
been involved in a very messy car crash on a motorway,
been on a dry ski slope and broken bones as I made a very clumsy attempt to stop myself from running into a barrier.
Been run over 3 times..... once by a police car.
Fallen through or was pushed through a plate glass window.
had a major motorcycle accident at high speed on a busy motorway.
been attacked knocked unconsious and left in a ditch with 2 broken ribs for 6 hours in December.
Eaten many meals that my mother in law has cooked me.
pissed my wife off.
As you can see it is quite a revelation that I have made it thus far in life and should I ever rescue a small furry animal from a burning building I will shit myself.
Anyway been as im rambling now here is a photo of a fruitbat with big balls.

Iced White Russians

We buy fresh bagels from the corner store
Where swastikas are spat from aerosols
I sit in the bar sipping iced White Russian
Trying to score but nobody's pushing
And everyone looks at everyone's faces 
Searching for signs and praying for traces of a conscience in residence
Are we sitting on a barbed wire fence
Racing the clouds home, racing the clouds home

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Friday, 25 February 2011


The neighbours have just had a huge pile of shit delivered, what's with that? I know it's used as fertiliser but I'm sure you don't need THAT much shit to make your spuds grow.

Cats, and another photo!!

Good morning campers, Im a little late to rise this morning due to the copious amounts of red wine that I drank last night. For some reaon today I would like to talk about cats, actually 1 specific cat that lived at my parents house. She was called Dinky, dont know why, she was small but in no way resmbled a die cast car. Actually bless her she was quite a cosmetically challenged cat, thin small tortoise shell ugly looking cat. She looked like a gremlin, you know from that film thing where you dont get them wet.
There was an unfortunate time in my life when I was homeless and so decided that staying at mum and dads was probably a good move. It was ok, I had my own room a fridge full of food could come and go as I pleased, didn't pay rent, why the hell I bought a house ill never know but there was dinky, the cat.
I would regularly go to the pub on an evening as was my want and get home at all hours of the morning. I would make sure that the big loud black cab would drop me off at the end of the road so as not to wake the entire neighbourhood up with slamming of doors and reving of engines. As I walked the short distance to the end of the road where my parents lived there was the cat.... Dinky.
She would look at me like an annoyed wife then walk me along the road to the front door.
This didn't happen just the once but every time I went out. On the odd lucky occasion I didn't go home I often wondered how long she would wait before going home putting my clothes in bin bags and throwing them out of the window before walking around the house slamming every door that she possibly could.
What a strange thing for a cat to do.
Anyway on to the photo of the day, todays is one I took a while back after remembrance day parade.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

My photo of the day

Took a walk in the park looking for inspiration, inspiration has been pretty well bloody hidden for a while now but I keep smiling thinking of the Maldives in May. mmmm, the sun on my skin again and a nice relaxing rest, im not getting any younger and this cursed body of mine aches far to much. As Garth Brooks put it, "Im much to young to feel this damn old" lol
Anyway I digress here is todays photo of the day. Drum roll please. :)

Hello, and welcome to the bagsta69 blog

Hello, and welcome to the bagsta69 blog,
Hopefully if I can be bothered enough and have enough energy  I will be updating this place on a regular basis.
This will include some of my latest work when I work out how to upload photographs and a occasionally a peek inside my world which can at times be quite scary.